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Introduction to arousal in sport
Jym Brown - Interview on coaching philosophies and theories
Introduction to CV control of blood flow.
Understanding the effects of unstable resistance training
Introduction to the respiratory system
Introduction to the muscular system
Introduction to the energy systems
Introduction to the Cardiovascular system
Introduction to skeletal system
Introduction to myofilament crossbridge kinetics
Structures restricting a joint range of motion
The benefits of static stretching
The mechanisms underlying the ability to fully activate muscles
Effects of foam rolling on range of motion (ROM) and performance
Introduction - applying biomechanics in sport
Introduction to planning and periodisation in sport
Introduction - Overview of LTAD in sport
Introduction - Art of practice in sport
Introduction - Motivational Improvements in sport
Introduction - Mental health in sport
Introduction to coaching philosophy
Introduction to strength training
Introduction - Key factors in muscular hypertrophy
Introduction to Muscular hypertrophy
Introduction - The demands of the game in football.
Introduction to training and fitness for beginners
Introduction - Long term athletic development
Introduction to emotional intelligence
Introduction to supplements in sport
Introduction to constraints led approach to skill acquisition.
Introduction to flow state
Introduction - Vegetarian diets in sport
Introduction to limb dominance and performance outcomes
Introduction - Biomechanics to enhance sport
Introduction - Transitioning in sport
Introduction - Dynamic Vs Isometric exercise
Life after professional sport
Introduction to reflective practice in sport
Introduction to carbohydrates in sport
Introduction to motivation in sport
Introduction - current approaches in coaching
Tips on presenting to camera.
Introduction to emotional intelligence in sport
Introduction to communication in sport
Five techniques to help you control competition anxiety
What are the systems and symptoms associated with anxiety?
knowledge of the sports and personal responsibility