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Are you a qualified and/or experienced Sports Scientist (any subject), Sports Coach, or Health and Fitness professional, and willing to communicate and share your expert knowledge with a global sporting audience?

If so, BetterSportsCoach would like to talk to you. Our professional production team (producers, videographers and editors) will work with you to develop your idea and content into a high quality and professional video.

In helping people to learn and achieve their personal goals in sport, all BetterSportsCoach tutors can;

  1. Significantly supplement their regular income each month
  2. Boost their personal career aspirations and/or business interests, benefitting from global visibility to you and your expertise.
  3. Learn valuable media skills in video production.
  4. Substantially increase their own knowledge and personal development in sport by way of free access to the BetterSportCoach platform.

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