Better Sports Coach - About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To help everyone involved in sport to reach their full potential.

Provide lifelong learning and regular CPD opportunities for all.

Make learning and personal development in sport; 

  • more accessible,
  • more convenient
  • more cost-effective.

Why does BetterSportsCoach exist?

For many, the opportunity to learn in sport remains difficult due to cost, time constraints, distance, travel and in some cases a lack of prior accredited qualifications. BetterSportsCoach will eliminate these barriers, allow everyone with a passion for sport and personal development the opportunity to learn from hundreds of renowned tutors and experts in sport.
Delivering a wide range of courses, expertise and knowledge in sport directly to your laptop, tablet or mobile, our aim is to save you time by making learning more convenient and very much on your terms through bite-sized chapters of learning. BetterSportsCoach will allow millions of sports professionals, athletes and enthusiasts an opportunity to learn, fill gaps in knowledge, and take control of their own personal development by simply watching a video course, learning from expert tutors, and empowering themselves and their athletes. 

Who can benefit from BetterSportsCoach?

  • Sports Coaches
  • Sports Scientists
  • Health & Fitness professionals
  • Managers and Leaders in sport
  • Physiotherapists and Medics in sport
  • Sports lecturers and tutors
  • Personal trainers 
  • Strength and Conditioning coaches 
  • Sports students
  • Performance and recreational athletes
  • Administrators in sport
  • Volunteers and parents involved in sport