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About Us

Our Mission

To help everyone involved in sport to reach their full potential by making learning and personal development in all aspects of sports science, sports coaching and health & fitness, more accessible, more convenient and more cost-effective to a global sports audience.


Why does BetterSportsCoach exist?

For many, the opportunity to learn remains restrictive for reasons such as; cost, time constraints, distance, travel and in some cases a lack of prior accredited qualifications. 
By eliminating these barriers to learning, BetterSportsCoach will allow everyone with a passion for both sport and personal development the opportunity to learn from hundreds of experts in their field. This would significantly increase their knowledge, skills and career aspirations, through the provision of high-quality educational information.
Our online video learning platform will become a global resource in sports education, informal learning and continued personal development.  The platform will provide a cost effective and convenient way to access world renowned expertise, via a comprehensive video library.
Delivered in convenient bite sized pieces of learning, BetterSportsCoach will allow millions of sports professionals and enthusiasts to take control of their own personal development by simply watching, learning, and empowering themselves and their athletes. 
Our website can be accessed 24/7 on all devices so that all content can be watched at a time and place that is convenient for you. The content is accessed by paying a monthly or annual subscribtion and can be cancelled at anytime. Purchasing a membership or subscription will give you unlimited access to all the videos on the site and you can save videos to be watched later or even add them to your favourites so that you can create your own play list.
What would you learn?
Watch | Learn | Empower.

Who is BetterSportsCoach for?

BetterSportsCoach will support the individual learning goals of anyone with a passion for personal development, irrespective of which sport or activity you are involved in. From coaches and health & fitness professionals to sports scientists, psychologists, physiotherapists, tutors, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, students, nutritionists and many more.